The Notifex System

Step away but stay in touch

Notifex discreetly and reliably monitors the status of a person, room, or entryway without using loud alarms. Featuring the latest technological advances, Notifex gives you peace of mind that everything—and everyone—is safe and secure.

Notifex senses any change you require to be told about, and alerts you when that change happens. The alert is sent to a small, discreet pager.

  • Engineered for reliability
  • Choose from an assortment of sensors
  • No loud noises, bells, or alarms – just a private page
  • Pager can be set to ‘beep,’ ‘vibrate’ or both
  • Easy to set up and use. Just plug in and go
  • Does not rely on telephone or other service providers. Notifex is a self-contained system.

Caregivers, retail shop owners, inns, and many other businesses rely on Notifex monitoring systems to alert them when someone is in need of attention.  Learn more about our products on our website, or contact us with your questions.