Notifex offers a line of products to help you monitor activity in your home or business. Whether you are a caregiver who needs to know when a patient gets up from bed or a business owner who wants to be alerted when a customer enters your reception area, Notifex has a solution.

  • Sensors work with the Notifex System (they are not “stand-alone”.)
  • You can use one or several sensors according to your needs: The Notifex System send a page whenever any sensor used with it is triggered.
  • A wide choice of available Notifex sensors gives you maximum flexibility.
  • All sensors can be connected directly to the Notifex System or can be wireless.

Transmitter (TCU)

The Transmitter Control Unit, or “TCU,” is at the center of the three-stage Notifex System.  After a Notifex sensor product detects motion, the TCU receives input from the sensor and then sends a signal to its associated pager.  You must have […]

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Door Sensor

The Notifex Door Sensor offers an easy and discreet solution for monitoring entryways.  This reliable alert system will let you know the moment a customer, patient, or other individual opens a door.  The sensor works with a pager, so that […]

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Door Open Sensor

Motion Sensor

Our motion sensor product helps you monitor all movement within a given space.  It can be mounted in a convenient, inconspicuous spot in a room. If it picks up movement within range of its “view” while it is turned on, […]

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Motion Detector

Floor Sensor Pad

The Notifex Floor Sensor Pad is a popular and reliable monitoring solution for businesses and caregivers. It’s easy to place in any location you need to monitor, and can be discreetly hidden beneath a rug or mat. As soon as […]

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Floor Pad Sensor

Pushbutton Call

The Notifex Pushbutton Call is an easy-to-use wireless device for caregivers and businesses. When the button is pushed on this small, handheld device, a discreet page is sent out to notify you. This is helpful in situations where the user […]

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The Pager is a small device that alerts you when a sensor detects movement. Along with a Sensor and a Transmitter, the Pager is a required component of the Notifex System. Pagers provide a reliable and discreet way to be notified […]

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Other Products

Wireless Link This connects to any sensor so that it can wirelessly trigger the Notifex System to send a page It has a range of a few hundred feet Any sensor can be wireless using the wireless link (the wireless […]

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Notifex Accessories