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Welcome to Notifex

For monitoring the activity of a person, room, entryway…. there is no better system than NOTIFEX. Where safety and security are concerns; when you need to know if someone comes in, goes out, gets up, is moving about, or needs help – NOTIFEX’s line of motion sensor and pushbutton call products is the solution of choice. With a beep on a small private pager, caregivers, retail shop and hotel managers, or business owners are reliably and immediately alerted to a situation that requires their attention.

Click here to find out how the Notifex system works, or learn more about our individual products, including chair and bed sensor pads, door sensors, pushbutton calls, and more, by clicking on the images below.  For a video demonstrating how our door sensor product discreetly alerts you when a door is opened, please click here.