Floor Sensor Pad

The Notifex Floor Sensor Pad is a popular and reliable monitoring solution for businesses and caregivers. It’s easy to place in any location you need to monitor, and can be discreetly hidden beneath a rug or mat. As soon as a customer, patient or loved-one steps on the pad, you’ll receive a silent alert on a pager so that you can immediately tend to their needs.

The floor pad can be placed wherever you need to monitor activity:

  • Lobby or vestibule
  • In front of a desk
  • By a bedside
  • At a room entry/exit
  • In an ‘off limits’ zone

The floor pad is cleanable, sturdy, and comes in a wireless option.

The dimensions of the floor sensor pad are about 17″ x 23″.

Required Components

The Floor Sensor Pad is a component of the Notifex System. It works in conjunction with a Transmitter and a Pager, which are both required. To read more about how the Notifex System works, please click here.

Ready to Order?

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