Transmitter (TCU)

The Transmitter Control Unit, or “TCU,” is at the center of the three-stage Notifex System.¬† After a Notifex sensor product detects motion, the TCU receives input from the sensor and then sends a signal to its associated¬†pager.¬† You must have a TCU, a sensor, and a pager for the Notifex System to work.

Transmitters are available in two options:

  • Direct-wired: The sensor connects to the TCU with a small cable
  • Wireless: The sensor communicates with the TCU wirelessly, without a cable

The benefits of the direct-wired transmitter are lower cost and added reliability, while the wireless transmitter offers more flexibility and convenience. Note that the Wireless TCU can also be direct-wired. To use the Wireless feature, you must connect a Wireless Link to the sensor.

The TCU runs on household power and can be plugged in wherever is most convenient. The dimensions of the TCU are about 6″ x 7″ x 2″.

Required Components

The TCU itself is a required component of the Notifex System. It works in conjunction with a Sensor Product and a Pager, which are both also required. To read more about how the Notifex System works, please click here.

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