Door Sensor

The Notifex Door Sensor offers an easy and discreet solution for monitoring entryways.  This reliable alert system will let you know the moment a customer, patient, or other individual opens a door.  The sensor works with a pager, so that you will be notified quietly and without annoying alarms or tones.

Who Uses It?
This unit is ideal in settings where you need to pay attention to activity in a room while attending to other responsibilities.

  • Store or shop
  • Professional office
  • Patients or family members at risk to wander

How Does It Work?
The sensor is a small magnetic switch that is mounted at the top of the door and door jamb.  When the door opens, the Notifex door sensor detects the motion and immediately sends you a private page.

A door sensor that alerts when an opened door closes is available for specialized applications.

View the video below to see how the door sensor works




Required Components

The Door Sensor is a component of the Notifex System. It works in conjunction with a Transmitter and a Pager, which are both required. To read more about how the Notifex System works, please click here.

Ready to Order?

Click here to place your order for a door sensor online.  If you still have questions, please check our FAQs page or give us a call at (802) 387-3100.