I have to have something I can really count on. How reliable is NOTIFEX?

NOTIFEX uses established and cutting-edge technology to provide the most reliable, secure alert system of its type on the market. It is designed ensure total reliability, and has been tested over a broad range of conditions.

I want to monitor the bed when Dad is in it; but when he’s up and about I want to monitor the door. Can I use more than one sensor with the NOTIFEX system?

Yes – you can use one or as many additional sensors as you need! Because the system is modular, you can have any configuration of sensors you want, and you can add or remove sensors easily. There are two jacks on the rear of the unit and you can order multi-jack adaptors as well for even more than two.

I run a B & B, and I want to know if someone comes in the front door while I’m in the kitchen or up in my office. What’s the best set-up for me?

You have a range of alternatives – choose according to your situation:

If you have several doors someone might come into the front area from, (dining room; front; guestrooms; etc.) then a motion detector will tell you when anyone enters the room from any direction.

If, on the other hand,you only need to monitor one door, then:

  • use a door sensor if the door is usually closed and you just want to know when it opens, or
  • use the floor pad under a mat or rug by the door if the door is sometimes propped open.

What is the significance of “signal strength” or “range” – what difference does it make?

The “signal strength” and “range” are basically ways of describing how strong the signal is that the unit sends to the pager. It is important as a measure of reliability. (If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone on a cell phone, you know that poor signal strength means less reliability.) Most signaling devices on the market measure their range at a few hundred feet at best – often really a lot less than that. Even though you probably won’t be over a mile away with your pager, the fact that the signal is that strong means you can really rely on it. That’s why NOTIFEX was developed – to give the user greater freedom of movement.

A note about “range”: this is always given in “line of sight” numbers – that is, unobstructed signal. Topographic features like hills, buildings, and so on will usually diminish range. That’s part of why you want a good, strong signal.

If my neighbor has a NOTIFEX System and uses a wireless sensor , will it set off my pager?

No. The wireless link has a special code just for your system. And your pager and your system also have a unique “address” for the unit and the pager to communicate.

Will the weather affect the way the Notifex system operates?

The system works very reliably regardless of the weather.

What’s the best sensor to use to know when someone gets out of bed?

Depending on your situation:

  • If the person always gets up from the same spot in the bed, then you can use a Floor-Pad next to the bed at that spot. It works well to put a small mat or rug over the pad.
  • You can use a Motion Detector , which will alert when it senses movement in the room.

I have to be able to monitor at night when I am asleep too. Is NOTIFEX suitable?

Just put the pager on your bedside table – it is often used this way.

Do I have to replace the Floor Pad sensors ever?

Like all of our sensors, they are made to last, and should not require replacement.

I got a door sensor when Mom was a risk to wander & it worked great. She recently is more unstable on her feet, and now I need to know when she gets out of bed. Can I just add a Floor Pad sensor right next to the bed?

Yes, you can just order any sensor you want and add it to your system.