About Us

NOTIFEX Systems is dedicated to providing products for home and office use that are: completely reliable, reasonably priced and affordable, and accessible to the technologically unsophisticated end user.

We strive to find the best balance among these elements. Because our customers count on our products in situations involving safety, reliability always is at the top of the list.

Our corporate values also include:

  • our commitment to ecological and environmental responsibility, including the maximum feasible re-use and re-cycling of whatever materials we can,
  • our policy of treating all those with whom we work, and those with whom we contract for work, with respect, fairness, and dignity,
  • absolute integrity in all corporate dealings,
  • constant reassessment and improvement of our product line.

Because our corporate success is partially based on serving those caring for individuals with special needs, a portion of our profits is donated to organizations serving those populations.

We are a privately held business, not traded on any exchange.

Customer satisfaction with NOTIFEX products is our number one priority, and we always welcome comments and suggestions (good and critical as well) from those who have experience with the NOTIFEX System. Please use our “Contact Us” feature on the website to send your comments.

The names “NOTIFEX”, “NOTIFEX System”, “NOTIFEX Systems”, and “TCU”; the NOTIFEX mark and ! ; the NOTIFEX system itself; and this and associated documents are protected under US and International Trademark, Copyright, and Patent laws.

NOTIFEX is an LLC based in Vermont in the United States .