Business Owners

The Notifex is great. If I have to go upstairs or get a file, I know as soon as someone comes in. Now I’m not tied down to my desk as much, and I can get a lot more done. I love it. I can be anywhere in the building, and if someone comes in the door, I go to meet them. Thanks.

N. D. | Receptionist & Secretary, Legal Office

I love it. I -or whoever’s on – can be anywhere around the Inn, and know the minute someone comes in. We use it all day and evening. And I’ll tell you something funny. I live a little over a mile from the Inn and one night last week I took the pager home by mistake, and I could tell at home every time someone came in the Inn’s front door.

The best purchase I made all year!

R. Z. | Innkeeper, Legal Office

I like the system because I need to know when someone comes in. If there isn’t anybody in the front, and someone comes in the door, it lets us know right away so we can go see who it is and what they need. It means we don’t have to have someone at the front desk all the time, but we still know as soon as someone comes in.

J. P. | Office Manager, Professional Office


My father came to live with a few years ago. He had brain damage from a cardiac arrest, and needed 24 hour monitoring. At first he was up a lot in the night and was at risk to wander dangerously. I tried a baby monitor but found my sleep was unnecessarily interrupted by his snoring and by ordinary background household sounds magnified through the monitor. The Notifex with a sensor at his door was a godsend. He had independence to move about in his room, but I would receive an alert if he left the room. Now that he is less mobile and more at risk of falling, we use the Notifex with a floor-pad next to the bed to alert me when he gets up. I don’t think we could provide care for my father at home without this system in place.

J.G. | Family member caregiver, Vermont

Notifex is by far the best system out there for monitoring patients – and believe me, I’ve researched them all.

E.M. | Family member caregiver, New York