How Notifex Works for Caregivers

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Sometimes people require an extra level of supervision or monitoring when they are being cared for at home.

Caregivers providing home-care work with people with a wide range of of disabilities, handicaps, illnesses, and needs. Caregivers provide security, attention, nursing support, vigilance, and assistance.  In addition, patients or family members who are at risk to fall or wander, or who need caregiver attention to be safe and secure, require some measure of surveillance to assure their well being. In many of these situations, care is provided by a combination of family members and professional caregivers attending to the needs of those whose care is being provided at home.

Often, home healthcare means caregivers must provide full-time supervision. In these situations, it is vital that caregivers have the support and tools they need to ensure their own wellbeing as well as the safety and security of their cared-for.

Support for Home Caregivers

Home-care places high demands on caregivers. Constant monitoring, good-natured attention, medical and general care supervision, and maintaining emotional neutrality can put caregivers at risk themselves if they don’t have the support they need. Always putting the needs of others first, even when freely and generously done, can be exhausting. Whether the caregiver is a family member or a professional, the risk of burnout, stress, and feeling overwhelmed is serious. It is important to be sure that caregivers get respite and relief, while still ensuring the safety and security of their patient or family member.

Fortunately, there is help available to assist home health care providers and family members who are attending to the needs of individuals with cognitive or physical limitations or impairments. NOTIFEX allows the caregiver a much greater measure of freedom while ensuring the security of the patient. Without alarms, bells, or other intrusive annoying devices, NOTIFEX monitors a loved-one or patient. Although the cared-for won’t even know that NOTIFEX has been triggered, a discreet, small pager sounds a distinctive alert tone whenever the individual being monitored needs or asks for attention.     Click to see how the system works.

Situations, conditions and syndromes where NOTIFEX can be a vital tool for home care:

Professionals Comment:


When I am working with clients who are caring for or arranging care for family members who need constant care, I encourage them to look at all the options available to them. If they choose to provide that care at home, I make sure they understand that the needs of the caregivers are just as important as the needs of the family member in need of care. Respite care, maintaining independent interests, tools to assist caregivers in their work, support groups – all need to be in place if home care is going to be successful. When these elements are not in place, families frequently undergo major stress, conflict, and disruption. Home care is difficult enough; caregivers – whether family members or professionals – absolutely must have the tools, both physical and emotional, they need readily at hand.

Social Worker

Families who live with and care for elders or other homebound individuals at home need to ensure that steps are taken to preserve the health and well being not only of those dependent on them, but also of those who attend to them. Usually great emphasis is placed on the needs of the person being cared for, and all too often the needs of the rest of the family or of the caregivers are neglected. This sets up a potentially unhealthy, or possibly dangerous situation.

All caregivers need adequate rest, self-care, and autonomy. In order to remain healthy and motivated, caregivers need to maintain their outside relationships and interests. Caregivers require a maxi- mum amount of freedom of activity and movement. Only thus, can they create a healthy and safe home-care environment for their charges and themselves.

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When you purchase a NOTIFEX System, you don’t have to deal with complicated programming or menus – the system is ready when it arrives for you to plug it in and use it. It doesn’t produce any loud, distressing alarms, it doesn’t rely on the phone system, there are no monthly fees, and no understanding of technology is required. NOTIFEX offers the ultimate in reliability, is approved by the U.S. Government, and provides immediate and private notification to a caregiver if their cared-for needs attention.