Technical Information

When a sensor finds a change (like a door opening or someone moving) it signals the Transmitter Control Unit (or TCU) . The TCU then sends a powerful radio signal, using a special code, to a small pager which is carried by the user and is matched to that TCU.

Sensor signals TCU signals Pager

The TCU is the “brains” of the Notifex System. It is about 6” x 7” x 2”, and can be placed anywhere that is convenient. The TCU runs on household power. On the front of the TCU is an indicator light to tell you the system has power and is ‘ready’ and another telling you when it is sending to its pager. There is also a small antenna. On the rear of the TCU are jacks to attach sensors, and the power connection to house power.

Sensors signal the TCU using a wire (much like the wire that connects a telephone to a wall jack) which plugs into the rear of the TCU

The NOTIFEX System has been approved by the FCC. The TCU-to-Pager communication uses a unique address, eliminating false alarms. NOTIFEX operates at the greatest power permitted, ensuring a strong, reliable signal. The system comes ready-to-use – there’s no programming or complicated set-up required.